9/19/2022 Week in Review

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Ethiopia’s air force continued to strike military targets in the northern Tigray region. TPLF’s long storied propaganda channel, Dimisti Wonyane was targeted with air strikes, which cause the station to end live broadcasts.

After weeks to disparaging comments made against the African Union-led peace mediation efforts, the TPLF officially released a statement accepting the AU. The surprise turn around was a reflection of setback on its recent offensive. In addition, the group started re-incriminating Eritrea for involvement in the conflict, although little evidence was provided to back the claim.

Prime Minister Abiy attended inauguration ceremony for President William Ruto of Kenya. Not long after, President Ruto nominated former his predecessor, President Kenyatta to mediate peace in Ethiopia. The Bureau of African Affairs, welcomed this nomination. Nonetheless, beyond the symbolisms, the nomination will not amount to much given the current role played by the AU.

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