The Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

The Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

November 4 2020

War Begins

November 4, 2020:  While the world was focused on the American electoral contest between Biden and Trump, an armed group known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front attacked federal troops of the Ethiopian northern command.

November 4 2020

US Secretary of State Acknowledgement of Attack by TPLF

Mike Pompeo acknowledged the pre-meditated surprise attack by TPLF and urged immediate action to restore peace.

November 4 2020

The “Tigray-Genocide” online campaign begins

Less than 24 hours after TPLF’s attack on the Ethiopia’s Northern Command, i.e. start of the war, a twitter campaign of #TigrayGenocide appears. The swiftness with which the mantra spreads on social media is indication of a coordinated and prepared propaganda campaign. Moreover, since there was communication blackout in Tigray at the time, the campaign is 100% organized from outside of Ethiopia.

November 5 2020

TPLF official acknowledges “pre-emptive strike” against Ethiopian federal troops

In an interview, TPLF official, Sekuture Getachew acknowledges “lightening pre-emptive strike” against Ethiopian federal troops stationed in the Tigray region.

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