About Us

Abren means together in Amharic

We are a group of Ethiopian Americans in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area who envision a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between the peoples of United States, Ethiopia and Africa.

Policy Advocacy

that ensures Ethiopia’s sovereignty, advances economic development, establishes good governance, democracy and promotes peace in Ethiopia.

Information Awareness

& media perspectives that centers the voices of Ethiopians, combatting disinformation, and help shift public opinion concerning Ethiopia

Community Organizing

to build a powerful chapter of Ethiopian Americans in the DMV that are civically engaged at local and national levels.

Build Strategic Alliances

with like-minded Ethiopian American civic groups across the U.S. to advance common goals in addition to bridge-building with key constituents outside of the Ethiopian American community.

Think Tank

Promoting new innovative ideas for international policy in the Horn of Africa

Our Values: Integrity, Peace, Unity, Social Justice, and Collective Action