9/12/2022 Week in Review

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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign affairs expressed dismay at the recent UN International Commission on Human Rights’ call for action against the government of Ethiopia by the UN Security council. In a statement made public, the ministry stated the actions of the commission were politically motivated. Nonetheless, the ministry reiterated the commitment of the Government of Ethiopia to continue respecting and ensuring respect for Human rights and bringing violators to justice.

Intercepted radio communication from the battlefield was leaked to the public and was circulated widely on social media. In this leaked audio, TPLF’s General Teklai Ashebir is heard repeatedly transmitting a shoot-to kill order against all retreating fighters of the insurgency, yet another sign of the group’s stymied recent offensive.

Late in the week the TPLF announced its acceptance of the the African Union to mediate talks between it and the government of Ethiopia. This volte-face is contrary to its previous position, which downplayed the role of the African Union, and was vehemently against the chief mediator, Olusegun Obasanjo. The surprise turn around is likely to be a result of its recent losses on the warfront.

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