8/29/22 Week in Review

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The week started with the weekend speech of PM Abiy at the national youth forum. The PM responded to questions raised by the youth who hailed from the different regions of the country. During his speech, the PM asked the audience to focus on charting their own destiny and not allowing carrier politicians dictate their future. PM Abiy unequivocally stated TPLF is bound to be defeated, although his intelligence agency knew Ethiopia’s enemies were arming the terrorist group through shipments of night flight in Shere region. It is ironic two days after the PM speech, TPLF announced the temporary truce have been broken and used heavy artillery to bomb Kobo and parts Afar regions causing numerous civilian deaths and damage to property. On the same day the GOE announced the downing of a Russian made transportation plane loaded with weapons destined for TPLF fighters, for violating Ethiopian airspace. Using human wave strategy, the TPLF attacked Kobo, forcing the government forces to withdraw the national army. It is not clear what the current state of the southern borders of Tigray  with Afar, and Amhara regions. The PM ended the week by making a trip to Japan sponsored trade conference (TICAD) in Algeria.

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