Two Ethiopian Cities Forging Connections in China

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Mayor Adanech Abiebie of Addis Ababa lead a delegation on a tour of various cities and provinces in China. The delegation featured deputy Mayor Jantirar Abay, Head of the Addis Ababa Prosperity Party Moges Balcha, Mayor Goshu Endalamahu of Bahir Dar, Mayor Mekuria Mershaye of Hawassa, Ethiopian Ambassador to China Tefera Derbew, and others.

During the multi-day visit to China, Bahir Dar City Mayor Goshu Endalamahu formalized a sister city agreement with Dujiangyn city of Sichuan province. This agreement solidifies their dedication to collaborating in various areas, including business, investment, tourism, park, and greenfield development.

In the course of their working visit, the delegation also acquired valuable insights into the implementation of the integrated development concept of Chinese cities. The focus was on accentuating the interconnection between rural and urban areas, formulating comprehensive development strategies, and fostering employment opportunities within urban centers. Furthermore, the delegation delved into successful urban initiatives, particularly in areas such as cleanliness, the creation of human-friendly environments, development of tourist attractions, enhancement of resident comfort, and the promotion of environmental protection.

In Shanghai city, Mayor Adanech Abiebie engaged in discussions with Mayor Gong Zheng, resulting in both parties agreeing to formalize their strengthened relations by signing a sisterhood city agreement. This agreement aims to boost collaboration across various domains, encompassing public relations, trade, investment, tourism, technological innovation, and knowledge transfer.

The initiation of new sister city relationships in China represents a collaborative endeavor, underscoring a commitment to fostering stronger ties and cooperation between the two Ethiopian cities and their Chinese counterparts. The establishment of this sister city connection is anticipated to facilitate increased exchanges and collaborations in diverse areas, encompassing cultural exchange, economic partnerships, and joint initiatives. These efforts aim to contribute to the mutual development and prosperity of both Addis Ababa, Bahirdar, and their newly formed sister cities in China.

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