Ethiopian PM inaugurates new hospital for armed forces

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Saturday inaugurated a specialized referral hospital of the national army in Bishoftu town, in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state.

The new hospital, equipped with advanced medical supplies and supported by internationally trained medical staff, is considered the apex of healthcare facilities in Ethiopia.

“The defense specialized referral hospital is unique in that it is a top-notch healthcare facility equipped with state-of-the-art technologies,” Abiy said during the inaugural ceremony. The prime minister noted that the hospital will provide high-quality medical services that were previously considered out of reach within Ethiopia’s borders.

Covering an area of over 75,600 square meters, the new hospital is set to offer cardiac surgery, organ transplantation, and treatment in neurosurgery and oncology, among others.

Shewaye Haile, the hospital’s commandant, said the hospital is staffed with internationally trained medical professionals and equipped with medical supplies and equipment donated by China.

According to the commander, international support has helped improve medical standards in Ethiopia by offering medical training to Ethiopian military health professionals at the hospital and inviting them abroad for further training.

Ethiopia has extensive plans to modernize its long neglected army and to provide adequate health care services for its growing members. Since the coming to power, Prime Minister Abide has prioritized improving the lot of the security services, particularly in light of an ever present regional and internal armed threats.

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