Ethiopia remains resolute on MoU with Somaliland amid Controversy

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Ethiopia’s commitment to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Somaliland remains unwavering, despite recent objections voiced in Mogadishu. According to Abdulaziz Ahmed Adem, a senior advisor to the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the recent uproar in Mogadishu is viewed as a temporary setback.

Speaking at a conference on regional security in the Horn of Africa, Abdulaziz reiterated Ethiopia’s dedication to the MoU. He emphasized the potential benefits of Ethiopian access to sea outlets through collaboration with Somalia, a country with a coastline stretching over 3,000 kilometers.

Abdulaziz characterized Mogadishu’s objections as a “hiccup,” suggesting they are aimed at diverting attention from internal political challenges. Despite this, he underscored Ethiopia’s commitment to regional integration and urged cooperation against terrorist groups and human traffickers.

Abdulaziz called on neighboring countries to prioritize collaboration and peace, highlighting Ethiopia’s significant contributions to peacekeeping efforts in Sudan and Somalia. He also cautioned against the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Somalia, emphasizing the potential risks to Ethiopia and the broader region.

The MoU, signed on January 1, 2024, has sparked considerable debate, particularly with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed emphasizing the critical nature of sea access for Ethiopia. This stance has heightened tensions in the Horn of Africa. Nonetheless, Abdulaziz remains optimistic about the prospects for cooperation and mutual growth between Ethiopia and Somalia.

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