A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
Head librarian, Irma Gomez Lopez, directs a lessons using ABREN's book "Where is Diego" with a group of enthusiastic students.


Children are at the core of everything we do at ABREN. In the Teacher Resource Cente it is our goal that students receive a quality education which will help them take on positive roles in their families, communities and country. Most of our work to reach this goal focused on supporting teachers, however, our librarians also love the opportunity to work with students directly.

Every week, Irma and her aide, Anayaresca, trek out to visit one of our partner schools. Students also excitedly await the arrival of Profe Irma because her lessons are always so engaging! Before their visits, Irma collaborates with the classroom teacher to find out what subject mater the students are currently studying and which teaching methods the teacher is interested in seeing demonstrated. During the lesson Irma takes the lead as the classroom teacher observes the lesson. At the end, the two debrief together what went well and how the classroom teacher could implement the skills demonstrated in other lessons.

In addition, each classroom is invited to visit ABREN's library once or twice a year. As our library is the only one in the area, this field trip is an exciting opportunity for students to see so many different types of books. While there, Irma and the library's staff develop a fun and informative morning of activities that help familiarize the students to the organization of the library and the power of reading. In addition, the students all enjoy Irma's math games and the opportunity to play on our creative play structure!