A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
A young girl sits in the ABREN library and enjoys reading a novel.


ABREN started because the neighborhood children of Pueblo Nuevo were desperate for the opportunity to read. Although ABREN’s resources and programs have grown dramatically since its days as a makeshift bookshelf in a one-room house, our commitment to giving children access to important information and quality stories hasn’t wavered. Books are an essential component of a child’s education in today’s world.

The true value of the 1,400-title collection is having talented library teachers that know the collection backwards and forwards. When students come with school research projects, both Irma and Nolvia are skilled at helping them find the information they need. They also teach students to locate information independently and read strategically.

The library center is also the only place in Pueblo Nuevo where children’s literature can be found. For the first time children are growing up with a deep love for reading and spend hours absorbed in stories from around the world.