A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
A group of friends that attends ABREN's study group every afternoon to help them with their studies.


In addition to offering access to books, the center’s incredible success at engaging youth in learning can be attributed to the librarians’ efforts to design educational programs that address the specific needs of their community. In this way the library center extends deeply into the community and is an invaluable resource for families and educators.

Any student who comes to our library can receive support with their homework when it seems particularly challenging, or when a particular resource is needed. Students from throughout the municipality travel to our library for this type of help. About 40-50 students Our afterschool homework and tutoring program supports those students who


To address the difficulties students experience with math in Pueblo Nuevo, the library center offers math classes for students in first grade through eighth. These classes use engaging, hands-on activities to focus on learning basic math facts, understanding mathematical concepts and developing problem-solving skills. Children love coming to math class at the center and are learning to enjoy mathematics. Close to exam time, Irma leads focused study groups to help prepare students of all ages for their tests.

Story Hour

Story hour was the first library program, which started when children began showing up at Kristina’s house wanting to read. This opportunity to participate in the rich tradition of sharing stories, questions, connections and insights continues weekly at the library center during story hour for youth of all ages.

Writing Club

Library center teacher Nolvia Huete says: “The intention of the writing club is for children to write their own stories using their own ideas from their imagination. The important thing to understand about the writing club is that no one else in our community is promoting creative writing. When I was young I never had the opportunity to learn to write my own stories. So it’s particularly exciting for me to now lead the writing club and learn along with the children.”


The playground at the library center is the only of its kind in all of northern Nicaragua. The playground was built to fill the community need for a safe place where children could freely play. To promote educational learning, children are required to participate in a library center program before being allowed to play.