A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
A large group of US families and their Nicaraguan hosts enjoy a hike in Pueblo Nuevo.


People who have donated to ABREN take satisfaction in being involved in an effort that brings new experiences and learning to children in economically disadvantaged areas in northern Nicaragua. Donors value seeing the direct results of their contributions in the programs and activities at ABREN's library and Teacher Resource Center. They know that 100% of their donations go directly to funding the programs there. They feel a direct connection to this community whose children have brighter prospects for the future due to the learning opportunities the library provides.

Some donors seek additional involvement by volunteering. Donors have helped organized fundraising campaigns, offered their technical expertise in the areas of photography and graphic design, and spread the word about ABREN's programs. In addition, a few ABREN supporters have traveled with us to Nicaragua to see our programs in action, meet our dedicated staff and participate in service-learning projects. If you are interested in being a volunteer, let us know!