A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
Deyla and Diego in the Cloud Forest.

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Fiction stories inspire children to make connections, formulate opinions, infer motivation, ponder point of
view and imagine what they would do and how they would feel if they were the characters. These reading skills are also key skills for democratic citizenship. Therefore, we knew that we needed to publish compelling fiction stories based right in rural Nicaragua.

Children thrive on series, so we decided that was the best route to go, with an additional benefit of being able to train just a few key actors to pose for the photos! After much thought, the characters Deyla and Diego started to take form. This imaginary brother-sister team have a keen sense of adventure, friendship and love of family. So far, 7 titles in the series are published with 4 more photographed and in the works. All books are paperback.

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El cerdito

El Cerdito (K-3) - Diego promises his father that he will take care of their family’s newpiglet. However, he gets so caught up in playing with his friend that he forgets to feed the pig on time.Once he remembers, he can’t find the piglet anywhere! Diego searches everywhere. When the piglet is found, Diego needs help to get the piglet back into its pen. In the end, Diego comes away not only with a new appreciation of the strength of piglets, but of his little sister’s problem-solving skills as well.


Into the Cloud Forest

Into the Cloud Forest (preK-2) - Deyla and Diego go adventuring into the cloud forest with their cousins. The children help each other overcome their fears and together find fun places to play. This book promotes a sense of adventure in the out-of-doors as well as cooperation and compassion among children of different ages.


Mejores Amigas

Mejores Amigos/Best Friends (1-3) - Deyla and Carla have been best friends for many years. Carla becomes jealous, however, when Deyla strikes-up a friendship with Alicia, a new student at school. This book brings to light common stressors and miscommunications within the friendships of children in a clear and engaging way.


Dónde está Diego?

¿Dónde está Diego? (preK-1) - Diego was sent off to the store to buy tomatoes and onions for tonights dinner, but where has he gotten to? With each page young readers are given a hint about where Diego might be. They then need to use their infering skills to make their best guess! A fun way to work on inferences and become aquainted with life in a rural town in Central America.


El ternero

El ternero (1-3) - Deyla and Diego have offered to to help out their dad by bringing in the cow and calf from the hills this afternoon, but they had no idea it would be so challenging! When the cows are not by the river as they expected, Deyla and Diego start on an adventure into the hills. As the younger sister, Deyla needs a lot of support to make it up the hill. However, it's Deyla who ends up solving the problem so that they can get the animals back home on time. A story that highlights how siblings can support and appreciate each other.


¿Qué vas a escoger?

¿Qué vas a escoger? (preK-1) - Deyla accompanies her mother into town to sell their vegetables at the market. Afterwards, her mother tells her that she can choose one special thing to buy as a treat. Deyla finds many things tempting as she searches the town. Does she want a sweet ice cream cone for licking? A new pair of shoes for running? With each page young readers are given a hint about what new item Deyla has found. They then need to use their infering skills to make their best guess!


La colección de Diego

La colección de Diego (preK-1) - Diego loves to collect bottle caps and decides to turn his collection into a musical shaker. Help Diego count his collection and choose a color pattern for each group of five. Feature the counting number 1-15 and basic addition facts.