A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
These first graders are participating in their first ever guided reading lesson using ABREN's book, "The Color Blue."

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After our pilot year with the new Teacher Resource Center we soon realized that the books we wanted to offer our partner teachers simply weren’t available. Most children's books in Spanish are translations from English or imported from Spain. What we really wanted was quality children’s literature, written in age-accessible language, that reflected the daily realities of living in Nicaragua. It was apparent that we would have to create our own!

Publishing Our Own Children's Books

Well, this task has turned out to be quite a bit more challenging than we initially imagined. Our learning curve has been steep and peppered with a lot of laughs and celebrations, along with the expected frustrations. And, although our journey has taken a bit longer than we initially envisioned, we feel a great deal of pride in all that we have accomplished. In our first year we published over 20 titles!

In the summer of 2011 our K-2 books were received in Nicaragua to rave reviews by students, teachers and administrators alike, giving us the motivation to approach the daunting task of starting our work on the books for 3rd-4th grade this coming year. Wish us luck! This next year we are also hoping to pursue our dream of garnering official Ministry of Education approval of our books. In this way non-profits and teachers working in other areas of Nicaragua could feel confident using our materials as well.

Books That Delight, Inform and Inspire

All of our titles reflect the values we believe children need to develop to become compassionate community citizens. In addition, they align with both Nicaragua's educational curriculum and teaching standards here in the United States. We hope that our beautiful books inspire pride in those students who see their lives reflected in their pages and appreciation in those students who may be learning about Central America for the first time. Enjoy!

Buy a Book, Fund a Book!

All of our books are priced such that your purchase will fund the purchase of the same book for our Teacher Resource Library! ABREN Book Press is operated on a purely volunteer basis so that all proceeds can go to supporting our work in Nicaragua. The writing, photography, graphic design and distribution are all done by volunteers. Therefore, please allow extra time for your purchase to be shipped. You can expect your books to arrive between 1 and 2 weeks.