A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
Librarian Irma Gomez Lopez visits a rural school as part of her work in our Teacher Resource Center.


Irma López Gómez

Irma Gómez López is director of programs in Nicaragua and runs the Teacher Resource Center. She has been working with ABREN since the very inception of the community library. Irma has discovered a passion for teaching and particularly enjoys teaching math class and working with the teens who frequent the library. She recently completed the equivalent of a Master in Education, which has allowed us to open our Teacher Resource Center.

Nolvia Huete Zavala

Nolvia Huete Zavala has also been an ABREN librarian since the beginning. She has found her talent and love of teaching within her work with the younger library visitors. She has a gentle, warm way with her preschool students, which helps them thrive in class and in the library. We are very proud of her as she completed 5 years of high school study in just 3 years and has now moved on to work towards receiving her official teaching credential.

Ada Liseth

Ada Liseth came to ABREN in 2010 to teach the kindergarten class as Irma moved into her new position as director. Ada Liseth completed her Master in Education with Irma and has enjoyed implementing all that she learned in her job at ABREN. She enjoys the supportive staff and the focus on continual professional learning.

Norlan Hernandez

Norlan Hernandez has been working for the library for nine years. Although he started as a volunteer to support with grounds maintanence and playground supervision, he has become an invaluable librarian's assistant. Having finished his studies in Agricultural Science he is now able to help high school and university students with their science classes. In addition, he enjoys reading with elementary students and playing with the preschoolers.

Anayaresca, Katy and Saul

Anayaresca, Katy and Saul were all children when ABREN's library was created. In fact, all three were involved in Kristina's various activities as a Peace Corps volunteer and were very involved in the construction of the library. All three participated actively in all of ABREN's programs throughout their teens. Anayaresca, Kay and Saul started volunteering at the library as asistants 5 years ago. Now, they are all talented teachers who support us with our preschool and after school classes. Anayaresca and Katy are studying towards a degree in Education, while Saul is working towards a degree as a pharmasist.