A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
ABREN has many murals designed and painted by ABREN's art students.


Over the years there has been a lot to celebrate and document at ABREN's library and community learning center. Here is a selection of photos from recent trips and events. Check back soon to see the photoalbums from the past 4 years. In the meantime, you can enjoy some albums that show some of ABREN's history. To view the album, click on the photo.

July 2007: Community Construction Project of Casa Margarita Casa Margarita is dedicated to my grandmother, Margaret Lyman Langsdorf, who loved children and stories. My grandmother was always very supportive of the children's library I started in Pueblo Nuevo. She would be delighted to know that this community came together once again to work for the benefit of our children. Neighbors of all ages worked together to build this new center for young library-goers.
June 2007: Cultural Exchange Trip to Pueblo Nuevo In June 2007, the community of Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí warmly welcomed several families from Palo Alto, CA. These pictures tell stories of an incredible week of friendship, adventures and learning spent together in the northern mountains of Nicaragua.
February 2007: Visit to Pueblo Nuevo ABREN Board President, Kristina Underdal, retuns to Pueblo Nuevo at least once a year to reconnect with friends, supervise the program and collaborate with the librarians and community. During this trip she was also making arrangements for the Cultural Exchange Trip.
November 2005: First Preschool Promotion Celebration During their trip through the Americas, ABREN board members Patricia Moreira and Kristina Underdal arrived in Pueblo Nuevo just in time to attend our first ever official preschool promotion ceremony. This was Patty's first visit to the library! In addition, they explored Pueblo Nuevo and went on vacation with the librarians' families to the island of Ometepe.