A Book to Read Empowers Nicaraguans
A young boy shows off his favorite picture book infront of a mural depicting a famous poem by Nicaraguan writer Ruben Dario.


ABREN is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving educational opportunities in rural Nicaragua. We operate the Amigos Children’s Library and Learning Center in Pueblo Nuevo, EstelĂ­, in the northern mountains of Nicaragua. This center houses the only public library in the large municipality of over 30,000 and offers a wealth of programs designed by the community to meet the needs of their youth, including school programs that reach both students and teachers throughout the area’s public school system.

Creating a Model

We have made the conscious decision as an organization to focus our efforts on this one project. We want to do what we do well so that this library center can serve as a model for what is possible and share it with others involved in this type of work.

Amigos Children’s Library is a project that grew out of Peace Corps service. Many current Peace Corps volunteers have visited the project to see a model of how to engage local communities in sustainable community development around the creation of a community library. Other non-profit organizations promoting literacy and libraries have also visited the library.

Building Community

Another important aspect of ABREN’s work is promoting cultural understanding by facilitating cross-cultural relationships between North American and Nicaraguan communities. As part of this mission, school children engage in pen pal communications, teachers in both countries share ideas about best practices, and US donors share more than their financial donations by sending pictures and letters about themselves and their families.

At ABREN, we believe that becoming involved in community development projects like this one enriches all of our lives. We invite you to join us!